Location: Ireland   Type: Full Time

OPTEL. Responsible. Agile. Innovative.

OPTEL is a global company (certified B-corp) that develops transformative software, middleware and hardware solutions to secure and ensure supply chain compliance in major industry sectors such as pharmaceuticals and food, with the goal of reducing the effects of climate change and enabling sustainable living. If you are guided, as we are, by socio-eco-environmental values and want to participate in solving the biggest challenges facing our world today, here is how you can help.

Summary: IT Sales Solutions Specialist

OPTEL is actively looking for an IT Sales Solutions Specialist to join the team!

The IT Sales Solution Specialist's main mandate is to support the budget quotes team and the Product Team to properly assess the work to be done to meet market needs. He must be the technical reference within the team.


  • Establish structuring and lasting relationships with the sales team and customers in the sector to ensure that the evolution of technological solutions is focused on the needs of the sector and customers;
  • Collect the data necessary to assess the work to be done;
  • Communicate market requirements as required to development teams;
  • Discuss with the various departments to obtain the data necessary for the preparation of tenders;
  • Communicate the data to the Budget Submission Team;
  • Help the product team to identify market requirements for present and future solutions;
  • Communicate with the various teams to gather relevant information as needed;
  • Identify the various risks associated with responding to a request for a quote;
  • From the data collected, prepare a cost evaluation according to the target margins;
  • Ensure that the requests are valid in relation to the process;
  • Respond to customer’s URS related to IT
  • Able to deliver advanced IT Training to customers;
  • Perform any other related task.

Requisite Skills:

  • Undergraduate university degree or college diploma in a technical discipline with relevant experience;
  • Bilingualism.

About Optel Group:

Thanks to three decades of experience, the expertise, and creativity of our staff as well as our innovative technologies, OPTEL group is one of the world's largest suppliers of digital tracking and traceability systems for the supply chain to the world.

OPTEL offers a growing number of industrial sectors (pharmaceutical, agri-food, cosmetics, medical devices, mines, and contaminated soils) digital traceability solutions and innovative vision systems allowing:

  • to ensure regulatory compliance
  • to optimize operational efficiency
  • to create smart supply chains

A company headquartered in Quebec City and with facilities on several continents, OPTEL has stood out for 30 years through its innovative and responsible vision.

As a certified B-Corp company, OPTEL is part of a vibrant global movement of companies eager to use the power of business to make our world a better place. As such, our mission can be summed up as follows: To be recognized as a socially responsible leader who uses and develops transformative technologies to build a better world.

Our traceability experts design and deploy ISC (intelligence supply chain) solutions to support companies in their efforts to increase the transparency and efficiency of their supply chains. All of these efforts are made to enable consumers like us to adopt sustainable and responsible purchasing habits.