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For over 34 years, OPTEL has been a leader in the capture and traceability of primary data, deploying thousands of advanced systems. Our technology ensures precise and seamless primary data collection across even the most complex supply chains, establishing transparent product traceability from origin to consumer, all while promoting sustainability and compliance.

OPTEL provides flexible solutions for all types of supplier and traceability data, simplifying primary data collection challenges in supply chains. The data transmission to Optchain™ is designed to accommodate varying levels of digital capabilities among supply chain stakeholders and the volume of data that needs to be captured, allowing for ongoing flexibility across sites.

Primary data is key in today’s rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. OPTEL’s solutions empower you to ensure ESG regulatory compliance, control carbon emissions, and track product origins. Our technology simplifies the collection of primary data in your supply chains and transforms it into actionable insights.

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Your supply chain is brimming with primary data. Primary data is information collected directly by a company or its partners along the supply chain, from a wide range of data sources and data capture methods. This data type is specific, detailed, and directly relevant to the company’s operations.

Primary data differs from secondary data, which is gathered from existing databases and through research; secondary data reflects industry, regional, country, or global-level practices and trends. It’s less specific to a company and its supply chain.

How OPTEL can help

Harness the power of OPTEL’s Optchain™ to master regulatory compliance, hit your ESG targets, and optimize the performance of your supply chain. Optchain™ enables you to capture real-time primary data from all of your supply chain stakeholders, offering deep insights as well as complete traceability and transparency for all your compliance needs.

OPTEL offers the capability to create primary data for unique item identification through our serialization solutions. This is typically achieved using Data Matrix and QR codes that embed a unique identifier. This feature enables the precise tracking of items throughout your supply chain, enhancing traceability and supply chain management effectiveness.


How does Optchain™ work?

Optchain serves as a central control tower, capturing crucial data for compliance and supply chain optimization. It contextualizes this data within various value-driven modules, providing a comprehensive view and enhanced control over the supply chain.

Optchain not only works within your organization but also with parties outside of your organization. It allows for sharing of the data gathered with the supply chain stakeholders, such as suppliers, customers and partners. OPTEL can produce reports within a multitude of formats and frameworks to respond to existing or emerging regulations, ensuring that reporting compliance is met.

What data sources does Optchain™ capture?

Each data-capture method is adapted to your supply chain segment and requirements. Raw data can be collected via:

  • Mobile_web_applications_BT_52x52

      Mobile/web applications (smartphone, tablet and/or computer)

  • Enterprise_software_BT_52x52

    Enterprise software (MES, PLC, ERP, WMS, DRP)

  • Batch upload_BT_52x52

    Batch Upload via Excel/CSV files

  • Integration_via_APIs_BT_52x52

     Integrations via APIs (EPCIS, EDI, Google)

  • Integration_with_IoT_BT_52x52

    Integrations with IoT-connected objects (GPS, RFID, NFC)

  • Integration_with_equipment_on_production_line_BT_52x52

       Integrations with equipment on production lines (inspection points with vision systems)

  • Integration_with_logistics_partners_BT_52x52

    Integration with logistics partners

  • Audit_BT_52x52

    Audits (supplier or process assessment)

OPTEL’s proven technology can conduct complete product life cycle assessments for multiple regulations, regardless of your industry, including:


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