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About Optel Group

About Optel Group

Parent company of well-renowned Optel Vision, Optel Group oversees a group of business units that use common technologies, mainly in optics, electronics, computer science, and robotics. Each of these business units develops inspection, serialization, traceability and engineering solutions and services for various industries for the purpose of solving real, important issues to ultimately help create a better world. Optel Group is committed to supporting communities in order to ensure the well-being of future generations while respecting employees, customers, and the environment.

  • Louis Roy: CEO of the year 2017

    The Investissement Québec CEO of the Year 2017 award, presented by the Quebec Technology Association, was granted on Thursday, February 16, 2017. Each year, this award recognizes the technology companies’ presidents who stand out through their leadership. Louis Roy was chosen for the innovative nature of his achievements, his contribution to them as well as the importance of his management when difficulties occur.

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  • Press Release


    Inaugurated yesterday, this 42,000 sq. ft. facility will allow Optel Group’s business units to enhance their presence in Asia. Optel Vision, the most prominent of Optel Group’s business units, specializing in the serialization and traceability of pharmaceutical products, has been present in India since 2012 and is already ranked the top provider in its field there.

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  • Our Commitment to the Environment

    All employees and managers of Optel Group and its business units are committed to respecting this environmental policy.

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  • Press Release


    Quebec City, October 24, 2016 – Optel Group, parent company of Optel Vision and world-leading provider of inspection and traceability systems, announced today that it is launching a new business unit: Optel Medevon.

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  • Mission: Use Our Products and Services to Improve the Human Condition

    Optel Group aims to demonstrate the viability of this new business model that can benefit investors, management, employees and society alike. “All entrepreneurs carry within them the desire to give back to society and make the world a better place. Together, we can build a viable future for our children.”  – Louis Roy, President Optel Group

  • Let's Change the World

    At Optel Group, we promote innovation as a way to facilitate access to better living conditions, particularly for the world’s children. We have a duty to ensure a healthy environment for future generations so that all children are born with the opportunity to reach their full potential within their communities.

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Optel Vision

Optel Vision integrates automated inspection and serialization systems into pharmaceutical production lines, helping ensure the safety of customers' products. Optel Vision is a worldwide leader in traceability systems for the pharmaceutical industry with a wide customer base, including eight out of the ten biggest generic drug manufacturers in the world.

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Optel Medevon

Discover Optel Medevon ─ an all-new, yet well-established supplier of choice, providing customized automated inspection and tracking solutions for medical devices that comply with device identification regulatory requirements.

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International Locations

At Optel Group, we work with customers and employees around the world to help ensure that our technology is used to benefit society.

With over 550 employees globally, Optel Group operates from locations in Canada, Ireland, India and Brazil.  At our corporate headquarters in Quebec City, Canada, more than 375 employees work together to support our worldwide business units, whose main mandate is to develop new markets in which our technology can serve a higher collective purpose.

Our unique engineering process for integrating highly complex solutions, combined with our global reach, allows Optel Group to support major industrial players by leveraging one main partner to solve a number of important issues around the world.

Optel Group Headquarters
2680, boul. du Parc Technologique
Québec (QC) G1P 4S6
Phone: +1 418 688 0334

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