Webinar: Post Brexit and the EU FMD

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Title: Do you have questions about BREXIT and the EU FMD?
Date: Wednesday, January 20th, 2021
Time: 12PM GMT
Duration: 45 Minutes

Do you have questions about Brexit and the EU FMD?

How it will affect the security of your supply chain?

Trevor will answer your questions and explain exactly what you must do to keep your supply chain safe and secure.

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Please note that given the nature of this session, we will rely heavily on your questions and how we can best serve you.

Please let us know what you are wondering about by sending your questions to Trevor Willis or by bringing them with you to the webinar and simply entering them into the chat at any time during the call.

About Trevor Willis:

Trevor Willis

Trevor Willis is Optel Group’s Account Director based in the United Kingdom.

With extensive experience in Security systems and IT solution sales both in the physical and virtual world Trevor has worked for the leaders in Security document printing, Paper, Holograms and Taggants developing anti-counterfeit and authentication solutions for Governments and commercial organisations worldwide. This has included the provision of Serialisation and Vision solutions for Pharmaceutical companies in Europe as they have implemented the legislation as required by the EU FMD.

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