The PackStation™ CAP is a completely automated packing station that allows the identification and verification of both products and containers with cameras. Equipped with configurable components that can be integrated into any exisiting equipement, the PackStation™ CAP ensures accurate serialization identification to meet product authentication and traceability requirements.

The PackStation™ CAP is a completely automated packing station that ensures the identification and verification of any packed products with their parent container. The PackStation™ CAP is equipped with configurable components, such as cameras, sensors, ejection devices and dedicated HMI that can easily be integrated into any existing packing station, such as case packers. The solution offers a variety of configurations to optimize the packing process, with or without aggregation, to maintain the packing station’s efficiency and ensure accurate serialization and aggregation operations.

Automated packing station


  • Configurable inspection and tracking components to easily integrate into existing equipment
  • Simple, secure and controlled operations with or without serialization or aggregation
  • Complete inspection and verification of the children and parent
  • Supports multiple product configurations
  • Turnkey solution
  • Extended retrofit experience on various kinds of case packers for a personalized solution



  • User-friendly interface
  • Versatile solution easily integrated into OEM equipment
  • Supports a wide range of item sizes
  • Accurate, reliable aggregation without impacting the OEE
  • Customer-oriented design approach