What if we could go a lot farther with the same battery … Who would say no? On average, batteries represent more than 40% of the cost of vehicles with a lifespan of three years or even 500-700 charge cycles. What if we could make substantial gains and even double the battery life through simple, intelligent management? During this session, panelists will explore the state of play of this promising avenue that could radically change the game for the managing of battery life.

September 14–16, 2021 |  Suburban Collection Showcase in Novi, Michigan

1:30 PM – 2:15 PM  Could AI be The Game Changer?


Billot, Julien, CEO at Scale AI

Bouguin, Florent, Chief Technology Officer at OPTEL GROUP

Sendek, Dr. Austin, Founder & CEO at Aionics, Inc.

Zaghib Ph.D., H.D.R, Karim, Professor, McGill University, Mining and Material Engineering Department & Strategic Advisor at Investissement Québec

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