São Paulo, November 9th, 2023 – In a groundbreaking partnership, OPTEL and Coca-Cola have been honored with the esteemed “Automation Award” in the Sustainability category by GS1 Brazil – Brazilian Automation Association. GS1 Brazil, the Brazilian subsidiary of GS1, recognized the collaborative efforts of OPTEL and Coca-Cola in revolutionizing the management of returnable bottles with supply chain digitization and traceability technologies.

The winning project focused on the implementation of a coding system for each returnable bottle, providing visibility into its life cycle and supply chain journey. This strategic move not only enhances supply chain efficiency, but also aligns with the shared commitment of both companies to sustainability.


Fleet Management of Returnable Bottles: OPTEL’s advanced traceability platform, named Optchain, empowers Coca-Cola with comprehensive visibility into the history, number of cycles, and useful life of each returnable bottle. This insight allows for optimized fleet management and forecasting, enabling Coca-Cola to maximize the reusability of bottles and streamline the return process.

Packaging Quality Assurance: The collaborative effort addresses the quality of packaging by implementing a robust system to identify and rectify issues at both the bottle supplier’s production stage and on the filling line. This approach ensures that each production batch meets the highest standards, reducing rejection rates and minimizing waste.

The sustainability impact of this initiative is profound, contributing to a circular economy by fostering the reusability of plastic materials and improving supply chain efficiency. OPTEL and Coca-Cola are leading the way in driving positive environmental change.

“We are honored to have provided Coca-Cola with the winning solution of the Automation Award in the Sustainability category from GS1 Brazil,” said Giancarlo Fusaro, Latin America Sales Director at OPTEL Group. “This recognition highlights our commitment to sustainable business practices and innovative solutions that contribute to a more efficient and sustainable supply chain. Our partnership with Coca-Cola exemplifies the transformative power of collaboration in addressing global challenges.”

OPTEL  and Coca-Cola continue to set the standard for sustainable business practices within the circular economy framework, demonstrating that strategic partnerships and innovative traceability technologies can pave the way for a more sustainable supply chain.



ABOUT OPTEL GROUP: OPTEL is a global leader in traceability and supply chain optimization solutions. With a mission to create a better world through innovative technologies, OPTEL Group empowers businesses to make informed decisions, reduce environmental impact, and enhance overall efficiency.

ABOUT COCA-COLA: Coca-Cola is a leading global beverage company committed to refreshing the world in a sustainable way. With a diverse portfolio of brands, Coca-Cola strives to deliver quality beverages that bring joy to consumers while championing environmental stewardship and community engagement.

ABOUT GS1 BRAZIL – Brazilian Automation Association: GS1 Brazil is a multi sectoral, neutral, and non-profit organization dedicated to developing and maintaining global standards for efficient business communication. With a focus on automation and supply chain optimization, GS1 Brazil plays a pivotal role in fostering collaboration and innovation across industries.

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