Montreal, January 25, 2023 — Aware of the importance of acting on the circularity and resilience of supply chains, Fondaction and BDC Capital are supporting OPTEL at a key moment in its growth. The financing will enable the company to boost its commercialization activities and expand its digital traceability solutions to new sectors.

OPTEL’s Optchain traceability platform tracks all stages of a product’s life cycle, from conception to end of life, to optimize the efficiency and sustainability of supply chains. Optchain is a unique product on the market that helps many companies reduce their carbon emissions.

With a presence in Germany, Ireland, India, Brazil and the United States, OPTEL is a global leader in traceability, with expertise and powerful software developed over the past 30 years. The company uses artificial intelligence to leverage data that allows businesses to meet regulatory requirements in such industries as agri-food, metals and minerals, and pharmaceuticals. The latter industry is particularly regulated.

Essential Technology to Reduce Carbon Emissions

The ability to manage and leverage real-time data makes OPTEL’s Optchain platform an essential tool to help companies reduce carbon emissions, such as “scope 3,” which are indirect emissions produced by various stakeholders in the supply chain, typically related to the extraction of materials, production and transportation of a product. Optchain’s comprehensive assessment of the value chain helps to improve a company’s operational and environmental performance.

Supporting the Ongoing Socio-ecological Revolution

Louis Roy, founder and CEO of OPTEL, maintains digital traceability is essential to move toward a socio-ecologically responsible world and to succeed in the next industrial revolution.

Linear supply chains are no longer viable; we must act by using new technologies to improve the operational and environmental efficiency of companies. It was important for us to be supported by financial partners who share our values and our vision. With this support, our technologies will be able to be linked to new sectors, as is already the case for the pharmaceutical, mining and agri-food sectors. This will allow companies whose practices are regulated or who voluntarily integrate sustainable strategies to be more competitive,” Roy says.

Today, most serious organizations understand that there are no markets that are immune to nature and climate,” says Claire Bisson, Associate Investment Manager at Fondaction. “To be successful, companies need to set sustainability and carbon footprint goals. A comprehensive traceability tool like the Optchain platform allows them to stand out, meet new regulatory requirements and build their reputation, because trust is based primarily on transparency.

Research tells us that many SMEs want to reduce their environmental impact, but they don’t know where to start. OPTEL offers them turnkey solutions to track their product’s journey through the supply chain and its carbon footprint,” says Marie-Josée Tremblay, Director, Growth Capital and Business Transfer at BDC. “OPTEL is a leader in sustainability with an innovative and unique product. This is exactly the type of company BDC wants to support.

About Fondaction

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For more than 30 years, OPTEL, a Certified B Corporation, has developed traceability solutions that enable companies to improve the efficiency and sustainability of supply chains by making them more intelligent and transparent. Optchain, OPTEL’s flagship traceability solution, captures and leverages data from value chain stakeholders to provide complete real-time visibility for improved supply chain performance, carbon footprint tracking and regulatory compliance. For more information, visit and follow us on LinkedIn.

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