Quebec, Canada, October 2, 2023 – Today, Englobe, the global pioneer in contaminated soil treatment and processing, announces its partnership with OPTEL to ensure full regulatory traceability of its soils at its various sites around the world. As such, Optchain™, the solution developed by OPTEL, will allow Englobe’s various subsidiaries in Canada, France and the United Kingdom to digitize their operations and send the appropriate information about contaminated soil transport and treatment to various government bodies, all according to the regulations existing in their respective provinces or countries.

“This agreement with OPTEL once again confirms Englobe’s strong commitment to halt illegal soil disposal and, at the same time, contribute to protecting our living environments.  We were among the first in the world to offer contaminated soil treatment and processing solutions.  That allowed us to be at the forefront of this sector and implement soil compliance and traceability mechanisms in our daily operations, such as our GlobeTrak system.  With the emergence of new regulations on contaminated soils required by governments in many countries around the world, it was natural for us to partner with OPTEL, the global leader in traceability. This new environmental solution will address our client’s needs by adequately fulfilling the requirements of various regulatory bodies,” Mr. Alain Robichaud, Co-President of Englobe stated.

Optchain™is an outcome-driven intelligent supply chain solution suite powered by OPTEL traceability technologies providing the right insight, at the right time.  The platform acts as a supply chain control tower that captures and connects granular data in transit, providing visibility and transparency. The Optchain™ platform is a software as a service (SaaS) solution and includes various modules that can be activated depending on the client’s use case.

“Using the Optchain™ solution will allow Englobe to automate its operations, ensure regulatory compliance and provide full visibility on soil movement.  We are proud to collaborate with Englobe to provide them with an intelligent and innovative traceability solution,” Louis Roy, President, Founder and CEO at OPTEL

As such, the Optchain™ solution will allow Englobe to meet the French regulatory requirements requiring it, first of all, to report information on dangerous material that could be contained in soils, and thereby avoid conducting thousands of manual transactions. The Optchain™ solution will also provide the necessary information related to the French regulation concerning declarations in the “National Register of Waste, Excavated Soil and Sediments.”

The system will make it possible, amongst other things, to digitize Englobe’s various activities and to follow the soil movements to treatment centers, the transformation events involved and the final provision of treated soils.


Englobe is a company specializing in engineering and environmental services, with over 2,850 employees and a well-established network of offices and facilities in Canada, France and the United Kingdom. Present at 79 sites in Canada, and five in the United Kingdom and France, it also relies on 24 soil and organic material treatment centers and 48 material testing laboratories.

Englobe’s team of specialists includes engineers, professionals, technicians and technical support staff. Its wide range of services covers such fields as engineering, design and inspection, environment and rehabilitation consulting, as well as material management and processing.


OPTEL has a 30-year proven track record of providing end-to-end and highly granular traceability solutions allowing companies to unlock the potential of intelligent and digital supply chains. OPTEL’s flagship traceability solution, Optchain™, connects all stakeholders in the value chain to ensure full visibility in real time, for better supply chain performance, carbon footprint tracking and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Founded in 1989, OPTEL is a certified B Corporation with headquarters in Canada, facilities in Germany, Ireland, India and Brazil, and employees around the world.


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