Verify Platform, OPTEL’s Level 4 SaaS solution, includes a user-friendly interface, as well as a unique validation package and customized reports to give you a competitive advantage.

The analytics module provides value to your data and insights to your supply chain beyond compliance, and the single-tenant nature of Verify Platform’s architecture provides updates at your convenience.

Best of all, OPTEL offers transparent and clear-cut, no-surprises costing.

Our proven software, automated implementation tools and time-tested project management framework rapidly and efficiently ensure that you can comply with all current and upcoming serialization regulations. Plus, our software delivers so much more, including valuable analytics and insights that create a smarter supply chain to drive your business forward.

Verify Platform


Our mature, stable platform, proven across industries and time, is continuously being improved and refined, and you benefit from our expertise and efficiencies. Last year, our flexible platform processed nearly 1 billion EPCIS serialization events, and we can seamlessly connect, manage and validate connections to all your trading partners to exchange serialization data.

Verify Platform


Verify Platform is built on GS1’s universal standards (e.g., EPCIS 1.0, 1.1, 1.2) to enable greater connectivity to the largest network in the world without the hassle of custom integrations.

It allows you to synthesize data from trading partners to enable end-to-end traceability reporting. We will manage and support any connections or data-communication protocol that a trading partner has.

OPTEL is the only provider that can map to any other provider’s platforms, even to those that use a proprietary data-communication protocol.


The Verify Platform pricing structure is completely transparent, with no hidden fees or costs. Most providers charge you per serial number. OPTEL does not. The flat fee structure makes Verify Platform your serialization solution of choice.


  • Full platform validation (I/Q, O/Q, P/Q) for the life of our engagement with you
  • Authoring of URS documents – IT, CMO integration and 3PL integration


  • Master data upload and management if needed
  • Data transfer from other platforms
  • Alert monitoring support if needed/requested
  • Ongoing platform administrative support
  • Ongoing validation support of platform and existing trading partner connections


OPTEL’s Verify Platform is highly configurable, which lets us quickly integrate into your business operations without disrupting your operations. You retain full control of your data and only you choose how and when you want to integrate Verify Platform into your existing systems. In addition, our platform is designed to reduce validation time and resources. You only upgrade the software if and when you choose to.


Verify Platform provides you with a single user interface to address all your regulatory compliance needs. We continually produce upgrades to maintain your compliance with country-specific regulations. We work with our clients to provide roadmaps and clarifications in this ever-changing regulatory landscape. As an industry leader, OPTEL also provides its expertise to the standardisation bodies (such as GS1) as well as the many industry groups that influence the regulations.


OPTEL’s serialization platform, designed to help improve business operations, comes with built-in, advanced reporting tools. These tools allow you to quickly identify and report on regulatory compliance requirements as well as on the health of your supply chain. We provide the most relevant data in a simple, easy-to-use dashboard, providing real-time insights designed to support your specific business needs.

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