About Optel


Founded in 1989, OPTEL is now a multinational, leading global provider of traceability systems practicing responsible human capitalism. The company’s mission is to use its innovative technologies to help create a better world. Namely, its renowned solutions ensure the quality of consumer health products and help stop counterfeiting of pharmaceuticals and medical devices throughout the world. In addition, OPTEL is adapting its technologies to create efficiencies in various other sectors ─ from health-related industries to smart manufacturing and more, all can benefit from global traceability. Through advanced characterization and cutting-edge algorithms ─ now all connected through the Internet of Things ─ OPTEL’s expert traceability solutions will allow diverse industries to measure, inspect, control and track a wide range of elements to improve product quality and make better use of resources. Based in Canada with additional facilities in Ireland, India, and Brazil, as well as employees worldwide, OPTEL has expanded significantly in the past few years in order to meet growing industry needs and to support its humanitarian values. OPTEL is also a Certified B Corporation.


Optel strives to be a role model for companies that create values and energizes its business sector.

Our successful integration with the most complex and advanced technology has been achieved by maintaining the highest standards of performance.  In this continuously evolving industry, we have achieved phenomenal growth while ensuring the optimal satisfaction of our customers.

Our success in India, reaching #2 in this market, has shown the business world that they must overcome their fears and believe that their expertise is a valuable asset for clients worldwide.

As a role model, we must be committed to building the future in a responsible manner; while operating with integrity, striving to be advocates for human rights. We remain good stewards for the environment, and encourage social responsibility.

Optel solves problems as opposed to creating them. Our expertise in the fields of; engineering, optics, electronic innovation, data processing, mechanics and robotics, supported by our global presence, allows us to resolve the most highly complex problems and therefore achieve our primary mission; a better world for our children.


Optel’s open architecture enables you to react and adapt quickly to any future changes in country regulations. Additional functions, service features or new type of equipment can be integrated quickly and easily.

Optel’s open architecture also mitigates the inherent risks of proprietary systems and minimizes supplier dependency and locking-in situations. New vendors and modules can be integrated without the need to rebuild or reconfigure entire systems. Our solutions are totally independent, while fully secure and completely configurable to operate stand-alone or integrate into your current ERP landscape.

In order to promote the establishment of standards in Track & Trace, Optel initiated the Round Table for an Open Track & Trace Architecture: 105 participants from the pharmaceutical industry have attended the first session in Frankfurt in September 2014. This session led to the creation of the Open Serialization Communication Standard Group’s (Open-SCS) which is focused on standardizing packaging line serialization and aggregation data exchanges, including supply chain packaging serialization activities (Distribution Center (DC), Warehouse, etc.).


Optel’s mission is to integrate the technologies (such as automated vision and serialized systems), assuring the products safety of our customers and the sustainability of their business.

Optel is committed to meeting and exceeding the highest quality standards at each step of the business process in order to provide our customers with products that meet their needs.

In wanting to be recognized as the leader in their sector, Optel has developed a quality management system that promotes continuous improvement in all activity areas. Corrective and preventative actions are established and implemented on a regular basis.

Our quality policy is: “Our staff is committed to working together as a team to maintain a quality system by establishing, putting in place and improving procedures based in ISO and GAMP standards.”


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