As the building blocks of OPTEL’s Intelligent Supply Chain® (ISC) platform, our serialization, vision system and traceability solutions provide unprecedented supply chain transparency, create more efficient manufacturing processes and empower you to maximize your business performance. OPTEL’s solutions are risk-management and optimization tools designed to help you meet your day-to-day challenges and boost your bottom line.


With the ISC acting as a control tower, OPTEL’s powerful solutions collect actionable, granular data at any and every step along the supply chain, from raw materials to the end user and  beyond.

Your Competitive Edge

This granular data offers your organization a significant competitive advantage by allowing you to identify and act on any weak links in your supply chain, authenticate individual products and their components, track conditions to help prevent product damage, diversion or waste, and even take control of your company’s carbon footprint.


Optel intelligent supply chain platform

Your Challenge, Our solution

Life Sciences

Manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceuticals and medical devices must comply with increasingly stringent regulations to ensure patient safety while protecting brand reputation and profitability. OPTEL has a solution.


Food & Beverage

Food fraud, counterfeiting and contamination put lives at risk and can result in costly recalls and loss of public confidence. Brands today want to reduce risk and engage with consumers. OPTEL has a solution.

Mining and Natural resources

Mining and other natural-resource organizations need to make informed decisions, more efficiently manage resources and strive to provide sustainable, conflict-free mineral and natural resources globally. OPTEL has a solution.

Raw Material Traceability Solution

OPTEL’s raw material traceability solutions offer unparalleled data collection and analysis, providing qualitative and quantitative data to track and authenticate raw materials. Our solutions can help you leverage such data as demographics, field characteristics, infrastructure, monitoring and more. The result is increased visibility at the source and direct communication with raw-material suppliers.



Product identification (serialization)

Assigning a unique product identifier (UID) to every item and the ability to track the parent-child relationship during packaging and shipping operations are key components of the Intelligent Supply Chain®. Also known as serialization and aggregation, these processes can be driven by regulatory requirements or by a desire to ensure product safety and prevent counterfeiting.

Vision System Solutions 

Vision system solutions, also called machine vision systems, are automated inspection systems and solutions based on imaging technologies such as cameras or scanners. Automated vision system solutions allow complete inspection of labels and packaging, using artificial vision systems that are part of what we now call artificial intelligence (AI). They are an essential part of quality control.

Track & Trace Solutions 

Traceability allows you to view data in a multidimensional context. It strengthens authentication, safeguards against counterfeiting and grey-market diversion, and wins litigations thanks to item-level traceability and chain-of-custody reports. OPTEL’s digital traceability software and hardware solutions ensure real-time visibility into your supply chain’s state of health, helping you to prevent outbreaks, quickly identify sources of contamination, and manage recalls faster and more efficiently.

geotraceability interface

Behavior insights for customer engagement

With so much marketing chatter, you need to reach your customers with the right offer at the right time. Our customer engagement solutions help you rise above the noise and deliver unique, personalized offers via digital, mobile, social and in-store channels. Use our secure, unique identifiers on physical products or in digital campaigns to supercharge your customer rewards programs.

Ready to start building your serialization, vision inspection or traceability solution? Explore our range of products to get an idea of what OPTEL has to offer and contact our Intelligent Supply Chain® experts to find the best solution to meet your immediate and future needs.



Dedicated to providing quality personalized traceability systems since 1989, OPTEL has become the recognized global leader* in track-and-trace technology. We are the only company with the ability to provide true end-to-end traceability, from raw materials to the end user and beyond.

With our proven expertise, our advanced algorithms, our custom scalable solutions and our knowledge of the manufacturing process, we are in a unique position to be the perfect partner as we shape the future of industry together.

Why choose OPTEL?

  • 30 years of track-and-trace expertise
  • More than 3,500 solutions deployed worldwide
  • Scalable solutions adapted to your need and budgets
  • Configurable, customizable and flexible solutions
  • Vendor-agnostic: integrates with any system
  • Meet GS1 all industry standards
  • End-to-end capabilities beyond regulatory compliance
  • Full professional services to support you before, during and after implementation
  • Engagement tools for direct consumer communication

*Marketsandmarkets T&T 2018 Report