Leading Your Pharmacy’s EU FMD Implementation

When ? 2017/12/01 09-09:30 CET


Take Control of your EU FMD Compliance Strategy!

Download Our Webinar: Leading Your Pharmacy’s EU FMD Implementation

Get all the key information on the EU FMD in OPTEL’s quick 30-minute webinar titled Leading Your Pharmacy’s EU FMD Implementation. Join us on December 1, 2017, from 9:00 to 9:30 CET, to learn how compliance solutions can be integrated in different locations to make your process more efficient!

OPTEL believes that pharmacists can decide the best location for decommissioning based on their specific environment and we want to empower you in the compliance decision-making process.


  • Most critical information on the EU FMD legislation for pharmacists
  • Possible verification and decommissioning places in a pharmacy based upon an environmental analysis – with pros and cons for each
  • EU FMD compliance roadmap for hospital pharmacies, with OPTEL’s recommended timeline


Barry Holleman has 20 years of experience in healthcare technologies and healthcare logistics centered around hospital pharmacies. He is passionate about optimizing medication logistics, deploying medication automation and engineering of the pharmacy’s workflow in order to accomplish the safest way for medication delivery. Barry holds a Master’s Degree from the University of Nijmegen, Netherlands, and is associated with the Logistics Institute of the University of Hull, UK.

Please Note: This webinar is in Dutch only