CIS PrintSafe™

A 100% guaranteed label inspection solution

The CIS PrintSafeTM is a 100% web inspection (artwork and variable data) solution using a CIS (Contact Image Sensor) inspection technology and an innovative and flexible automated vision system.

The CIS PrintSafeTM was designed to inspect a wide range of web dimensions at high-production speeds.

Furthermore, the vision system offers verifications such as lot expiration date and label print. It ensures 100% label compliance, 100% of the time. The CIS PrintSafeTM contributes to reducing waste while saving time and money.


  • Contact Image Sensor inspection technology
  • Works on any type of web material
  • OCV/OCR, barcode, 2D code, grading inspections
  • Up to 1,000 blister packs/min
  • 100% web inspection: Artwork and variable data
  • Web width up to 650 mm
  • Serialization-ready
  • Batch reports, audit trails
  • 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance



  • 100% on-line inspection
  • High accuracy, low false reject rate
  • Compact design
  • Can be retrofitted to almost any printer
  • Quick and easy steps with unlimited amount of recipe storage
  • Configurable alarms
  • Fully integrated product tracking
  • Data management tools connectivity: ERP/SCADA, batch record and device control
  • No contact with product
  • Tool-less changeovers

Add a printing solution to the CIS PrintSafe™and get an all-in-one drop-on-demand printing and inspection solution, the HD PrintSafe™.

The HD PrintSafe™ is a 100% inline inspection and barcode grading solution.

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