The recent legalization of cannabis in Canada and in several U.S. states has given rise to questions and concerns among the general population, but it has also led to a wide range of interesting possibilities for the pharma industry.

From fresh medical-grade marijuana, edibles, and liquid products, to concentrates and CBD oil, the acceptance of the notorious ingredient is giving the public access to more choices for pain management and other permitted uses.

Like with all other medications, quality, authenticity and supply chain security are key, and due to the controversial nature of marijuana, these aspects are even more important for cannabis products.

Cannabis and CBD products are still relatively foreign to consumers when it comes to their effects and usage.  As this new selection of unfamiliar products are made available to the public, cautious patients and consumers will need to be reassured that the products are high‑quality and safe, so thoroughly tracking and tracing them is critical.

The best way to achieve this is to implement vision inspection and true end‑to‑end traceability, at every step of the supply chain. OPTEL offers proven solutions that ensure complete supply chain transparency and visibility, from field to consumer, essential to consumer safety and product quality.

Traceability and quality control

Are you facing any of these challenges?

  • Product flow visibility from seed to consumer
  • Live production performance monitoring
  • Complete packaging print-quality verification
  • Product diversion and counterfeiting
  • Production capacity forecasting
  • Effective targeted recalls
  • Linking root cause of issues and customer complaints
  • CBD/THC concentration consistency

Traceability solutions from seed to consumer:


OPTEL’s traceability solutions for the cannabis industry can track your product at every step of the value chain, from seed to consumer. The unique identification of all physical product items throughout the growth, harvest, transformation and packaging process enables complete visibility and control over your entire production and logistics.

In addition, OPTEL’s fully automated inspection solutions can guarantee:

o Raw material quality

  • THC/CBD percentage
  • Moisture level

o Print verification

  • Lot
  • Manufacturing date
  • CBD/THC content
  • GS1 stacked 1D barcodes
  • GS1 2D Data Matrix codes

o Label presence and orientation

Contact us to learn how traceability can help secure the legalized cannabis products supply chain and how our solutions can ensure the safety of both patients and end users.