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OP300 is a configurable quality control software insuring products integrity and traceability through the integration of various inspection peripherals and actuators.

New FeatureWhat it does
64-bit architecture

Upgraded 64-bit architecture and optimized codes and analyzers significantly improve the standard two-camera system for maximum performance.

Automatic Reference

LineMaster can now build references in OP300 without human intervention. This feature allows for much faster setup time to start batches.

Calibration Menu

Grading Calibration Menu facilitates barcode grading configuration, calibration and usage.

Contact Image Sensor (CIS)

Integration of new Contact Image Sensor (CIS) technology enables full and serialized inspection of foil, Tyvek, paper and aluminium labels up to 600 mm wide.

EtherCAT High-Speed Module

Unlimited frequency, speed and resolution on encoders, making integration with OEMs and existing equipment much easier.

IO Service

New IO service shares Input and Output (IOs) more efficiently by reducing the number of system interconnections for faster integration and better communication between systems.


OP300 integrates with the palletizer to allow end-of-line automation with aggregation capabilities.

Partial cases

Partial cases on aggregation stations are now in the same operation workflow as standard cases, eliminating the need to manually pack an aggregated partial case separately on LineMaster.


A new user-friendly display helps view large, high-resolution images. Simple zooming and moving functionalities enhance image navigation.



As part of a TrackSafe solution, the LineMaster acts as the single point of entry for production information and is designed to communicate with coders and third party IT infrastructure, and verify serialization data with the InspectProof systems. It can also be used as a powerful rework and manual packing station.

New FeatureWhat it does
Production Order

LineMaster can now run multiple serialized or non-serialized batches/lots within the same production.

Recipe Change

Each change in recipe configuration is versioned and kept in the system for rollback and future references.

Recipe Import and Export

Easily share recipes by importing and exporting between systems.

Configurable Events

Configurable Events can be used to configure different generic actions carried out at predefined times, directly in the interface, e.g., having an EPCIS report sent after each completed case.

Import EPC Menu

You can now import containers of different lots to an active production. By scanning the pallet you want to import, LineMaster will get the information from the OSM, create the associated lots and make it available locally to be modified with the manual packing options.

Russian Crypto Code

LineMaster supports Russian crypto code.

Batch Support

LineMaster has been optimized to support batches ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions.

EPCIS Events

LineMaster can now stream EPCIS events directly to the OSM (L3) for real-time updates to the OSM.

EPC History

EPC History in EPC Viewer shows every event linked to a specific EPC to reveal who took action and when.



Visionlib extracts specific product details or characteristics from one or more images captured by the cameras in order to recognize various objects, shapes, colors, characters and more.

New FeatureWhat it does
Decoding capabilities

Improved decoding capability with the latest algorithms. This allows cost-effective solutions for new systems and enhanced performance for existing systems with a simple software update.

New Analysis

New analysis detects aesthetic label defects such as label flagging, wrinkles or double applications. This analysis is in addition to the presence, skew and orientation analysis that is already performed in labeler applications.


NeuralAnalyzer/NeuroManager was developed as the foundation of our artificial intelligence (AI) inspection/applications. This is currently the key inspection for particle detection in IV bags. This improvement is currently spreading quickly to other products or analyzers, such as the “locator” used to reposition our inspection frames during inspection.


A gap analyzer inspects the presence, distance and angle between two linear edges for parts measurement to validate the position of a sticker on a product in relation to the product’s plastic groove.

Grading calibration

New grading calibration improves and simplifies the reference steps for the camera/grading calibrations to improve customer experience while building a new reference or teaching a new product to the systems.

UTF-16 encoding

UTF-16 encoding that supports more than one million characters was added to offer more translations and coders to meet the needs of markets such as Russia and China.

Cartridge Analyzer

Cartridge Analyzer improves the product identification system based on colored stripes.

Extra-large image inspection at high speeds

- Inspection of 600 mm x 700 mm printed webs while inspecting very small characters or barcodes (minimum character size of 1.3 mm, minimum barcode line width of 0.11 mm, 2D code minimum module size of 0,21 mm)

- 19,200 inspections per minute (e.g., 240 OCVs/image + 80 barcodes/image at 60 images per minute)



Verify Platform gives a real-time, detailed road map of every when and where a product has been all in one easy-to-use, easy-to-integrate, standard-based platform.


New FeatureWhat it does
Worldwide legislation

VP supports worldwide legislation and has recently added the Russian drug serialization regulation (Federal Law 425-FZ) as part of its compliance offering.

VRS (powered by MediLedger)

VRS (powered by MediLedger) is now supported. OPTEL’s VRS solution provides an industry protocol for saleable returns that enables sub-second responses between wholesalers and manufacturers, allowing our customers to perform and respond to saleable returns verification requests. VP constantly improves its Connector Standardization offer to give our customers seamless integration with their partners (TraceLink, rfxcel, SAP, and more).

Microsoft Azure

VP is now on Microsoft Azure, meaning more data centers throughout the world, enhanced disaster recovery and better SLA and security features.



KOMPANO™ is OPTEL’s ultimate serialization solution for complete management of serialized products for warehouses, distribution centers and third-party logistics providers.


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