Digital Traceability Platform for Beverage Manufacturers

OPTEL’s Intelligent Supply Chain®

Counterfeiting, transparency and sustainability issues in the beverage industry threaten profits and brand equity, affecting consumer perception, demand and behavior across the globe. At the heart of the problem: outdated supply chains and a lack of traceability.

Next-generation supply chains will be digital and connected, linking stakeholders from raw-material suppliers to consumers to create a powerful traceability platform. Driven by innovative digital traceability technologies, intelligent supply chains lead to significant efficiency gains, reduced waste, and increased visibility and transparency at every step.

At OPTEL, we are committed to developing traceability solutions that will benefit businesses, people and the planet, and our expert advisors are ready to put those solutions to work for you.



Intelligent supply chain

Adding value to your supply chain with digital traceability

Every business has an increasingly complex ecosystem of production and distribution facilities. OPTEL’s Intelligent Supply Chain® is a sophisticated traceability platform generating granular data that you can leverage to measure and optimize your operations, from raw materials to the final consumer, or anywhere in your supply chain.

Here are a few examples:

Helping your business reach its quality, visibility and efficiency goals:

  • Raw material/produce traceability and connected agriculture: Connect with farmers, improve their productivity, quality, sustainable practices and loyalty.
  • Circular packaging: Manage and optimize returnable packaging. Whether you use plastic (PET, REFPET traceability), glass bottles, cans or jugs, we can help you optimize the life cycle of these important assets.
  • Recycling: Tracking your bottles, cans or jugs will provide great insights on recycling rates, locations and issues you can act on. Incentive programs, made possible with the serialization (unique identifier) process, can be implemented to increase recycling rates in a specific location.
  • BI Reporting: Strong analytics to measure the complexity of your supply chain.


Case study to read:

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Providing a track-and-trace solution to comply with sugary drink taxes

Many countries and regions are imposing an excise tax on manufacturers of sugary beverages. Government enforce the tax payment by implementing a Digital Tax Stamp (DTS) program. Manufacturers need to be registered and connected to the system and provide product information for tax validation compliance. As a leading track-and-trace technology provider, OPTEL can offer the right line equipment for this tax compliance process.


Use case to read:

Watch this video to learn more about how Optel can help to achieve compliance efficiently. 

Helping your business combat counterfeiting with authentication solutions and consumer-engagement tools:


  • Brand protection: Digital traceability gives you the power to extract granular data to track and trace the origin and history of your products, as well as identify and correct weak links in your supply chain.
  • Consumer engagement: Digital traceability can turn a fraud problem into a consumer-engagement opportunity. The authentication of product pedigree gives you material to create great product stories and to implement traceable consumer incentives, boost your marketing programs and gain valuable, actionable market insights through unique identifiers (UIDs).


Case study to read:

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OPTEL helps major beverage manufacturers digitize their traceability operations, so they can obtain an Intelligent Supply Chain. Our expertise in bottling lines as well as our scalable solutions are designed to help you prepare for the future of supply chains.

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